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Top Ten websites to check out for LGBT Marketing information

It is well known that LGBT consumers are very loyal to brands and companies who actively target them and increasingly more businesses are now including LGBT campaigns as part of their marketing strategies. If you are a company or service provider that wants to attract LGBT business, it’s a good idea to research the market thoroughly to avoid the pitfalls of an ill thought out or down right offensive campaign. barking lizard media has compiled this list of websites, which contain valuable insights into the LGBT market in Ireland and around the world.


LGBT Market Research and Communication Companies


the homepage of the out now website

1. Out Now – www.outnowconsulting.com

Out Now is one of the worlds leading LGBT Market Research companies. Established in 1992 by CEO Ian Johnson, Out Now’s European headquarters is in the Netherlands. It has advised and provided LGBT marketing solutions to many of the world’s leading brands including Toyota, Lufthansa, Hilton Hotels and the German National Tourist Office. It also worked with GCN (see below) on the 2007 Out Now GCN Ireland Gay Community Market Report, the only publicly available Irish LGBT consumer market research to date. Out Now also runs the Out Now Business Class LGBT business networking site, Out Now Travel, which provides listings for hotels, travel agents, and destinations that have been approved as ‘Gay Friendly’, and the www.gaymarketnews.com blog.
2. Witeck Communications – www.witeck.com
A US based Marketing and PR company that specializes in the gay and lesbian consumer market. It has teamed up with Harris Interactive to conduct in depth research into the American LGBT market and features several useful resources on its website including corporate information on ‘how to navigate the LGBT landscape’ and a factsheet about US LGBT demographics and interests.
3. CMI – www.communitymarketinginc.com
Is a US based specialist LGBT Marketing and research company. Its website contains many useful statistics and reports about LGBT market demographics and although these are mainly for the American market a lot of the information is relevant for other countries and regions.

LGBT Human Rights and Equality Organisations
hrc homepage

4. HRC – www.hrc.org
The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) is the largest American human rights organisation working to achieve LGBT equality. Founded in 1980 it has many well-known celebrity supporters including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Pink. Its slick and well maintained website contains information about corporate social responsibility and a guide to LGBT Marketing and Advertising best practices.
5. Stonewall – www.stonewall.org.uk
Stonewall is British charity and LGBT lobbying group that campaigns against homophobia and promotes gay rights. They are well known for their high profile media campaigns including the ‘Some people are gay, get over it!’ anti-bullying campaign and more recently the #nobystanders campaign, which encourages people to speak out about homophobic abuse. Their website contains a number of useful marketing resources including the ‘How to Market to Gay Consumers’ guide.
6. ILGA-Europe – www.ilga-europe.org
The European branch of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, & Intersex Association is a NGO that works for LGBTI equality and human rights across Europe.On the website you can find up-to-date news and reports on LGBTI issues. You can also download the Rainbow Europe Map, which highlights the national legal human rights situation in all European countries.
7. GLEN – www.glen.ie
GLEN, the Irish Gay & Lesbian Equality Network is a ‘Policy and Strategy focused NGO’ working for LGBT equality in Ireland. Their website highlights key equality issues and legislative developments effecting Irish LGBT people and also has numerous reports and publications.

LGBT Media and Professional Organisations

The outmost homepage

8. GCN – theoutmost.com
GCN (Gay Community News) is Ireland’s longest-running national gay publication. The monthly glossy magazine was first published in 1988 and has charted Irish gay culture, politics, community and entertainment throughout the years. GCN recently rebranded and re-launched its website as The Outmost, which features Irish and international LGBT news, entertainment, lifestyle, and opinions as well as the ability to download that latest print edition of GCN magazine. Both are an excellent way to keep up-to-date with the latest LGBT trends in Ireland.

9. The Advocate – www.advocate.com

The www.advocate.com website is the online companion to the The Advocate magazine, which was established in 1967. It is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in American and the longest continually running LGBT magazine in the world. The website has features on news, politics, parenting, business, health and travel, as well as videos. The brand is well known and respected throughout the world and the website is a good place to keep up with the latest LGBT trends.
10. IGLTA – www.iglta.org
LGBT market research continual shows travel as being one of the biggest spends for LGBT Consumers. IGLTA, The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, is the world’s leading global travel network. The association aims to promote LGBT tourism globally through education and networking. Its partners include Delta Airlines and Hilton Worldwide. The website features information about its annual Global Convention and offers businesses the opportunity to list their travel services or to advertise through its global database of LGBT consumers. IGLTA also runs a blog at www.insiderouttravel.com.

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